About Us

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Shutterbugs 4 Charity is a 501c3 nonprofit organized by a group of diverse individuals who are focused on “Inspiring A Better World through the Lens.” By sharing impactful images and stories that catch the eyes and hearts of the community, we hope to organize support for charitable initiatives and nonprofit work dedicated to improving the world around us.

Shutterbugs 4 Charity, organized by a Board of Directors, Board of Ambassadors, and Shutterbugs consists of iconic New England photographers and dedicated community members. Collaborating their efforts and resources of time, energy, talent, and photography, these members provide beautiful wildlife and landscape photography in a range of products and services for fundraising efforts.

This is Shutterbugs second year of fundraising efforts and again this year we are kicking it off with a 2021 wall calendar and notecard set for $20 each (plus tax & shipping if mailed). Anyone can provide much needed support for various community causes and enjoy the images of places dear to us.

100% of all profits are donated to community based nonprofit groups, with a particular focus on grassroots organizations. Some of the areas we are focusing our effort on are groups serving the homeless, children/teen, mental health, and animal welfare and more. We would love to hear from our donors, followers, & supporters if you have a nonprofit that you would like us to consider. Please feel free to email our Executive Director; Barbie Jones at the email listed below. In the future we plan to have a “Nominate” button to our website.

Please consider getting involved and inspiring others to make a difference in the world around us and those in need. Multiple opportunities for support exist, including flat donations, product purchases, or through participation as an “Ambassador” for Shutterbugs 4 Charity, a Shutterbug, or as a “Friend of Shutterbugs 4 Charity.” To find out more about these roles please email Barbie Jones at barb@shutterbugs4charity.org 


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