Shutterbugs 4 Charity (S4C) is a 501c3 nonprofit organized by a group of diverse individuals who are focused on “Inspiring A Better World Through The Lens.” By sharing impactful images and stories that catch the eyes and hearts of community, we hope to provide financial and programming support for charitable initiatives and nonprofit work dedicated to serving needs in the areas of homelessness, children/teens, mental health, animal welfare, and more.

S4C is organized by a Board of Directors and further supported by a Ambassadors as well as a dedicated group of photographers called our Shutterbugs and our biggest group of supporters being our Friends of S4C. All of these groups have varying roles and responsibilities however all are made up of compassionate and caring individuals who are collaborating to use photography in an impactful community-minded way striving to have a positive impact on the lives of those around us.

To support our mission we provide beautiful, compelling and emotion eliciting photographic artwork in a range of products with the proceeds invested in causes supporting the areas mentioned above. From a non-monetary perspective we also provide programming to introduce children and teens to photography as a positive outlet. Along those lines, we are currently exploring the possibility of providing slideshows to nursing home residents to share some of the beauty that they can no longer get out and see.

S4C has no administrative expenses with 100% of all time committed being volunteer based from our Executive Director down through the various roles.

Please consider getting involved and joining us in striving to make a difference in the world around us. Multiple opportunities for support exist, including flat donations, product purchases, or through participation as an “Ambassador”, a “Shutterbug” or as a “Friend” of Shutterbugs 4 Charity.

To find out more about these roles please click the links above and email Barbie Jones at with additional questions or interest.