Our Board of Ambassadors is made up of people filled with enthusiasm for what we are accomplishing, and who are well connected and very knowledgeable of our mission, vision and goals. Their primary role is…

Chris Lawrence has lived in Maine since 1970 and is an avid outdoor and landscape photographer. He is a hunter/gatherer of natural light and spirited adventurer, who has an affinity to colorful and energetic imagery of Maine.  Based in Scarborough Maine, Chris can be found shooting images hanging out the door of helicopters, riding the stormy seas in a boat, climbing Maine’s mountains, to chilling by the side of a silent winding river.

Photography…. For me, it is totally captivating.  Give me a camera and I will wander.
I become acutely aware of the natural environment around me.  Time becomes irrelevant and infinite;
I lose all concept of it in the vacuum of the lens.
Fascination; my world becomes one of light, colors, movement, angles, and textures.
That moment is totally self-absorbed, for me, and me alone.
The truth, that singular moment is fleeting, yet these universal moments are happening
right now in our lives and our world… everywhere. 

Sharing of my photography feels like giving a gift of conveyance to my observers;
the transporting of someone or something from one place to another; Via a singular event caught in time and space.

Picture of A. Garrett Evans<br> organizational leadership

A. Garrett Evans
organizational leadership

A. Garrett Evans lives in South Sutton, NH with his wife and their Jack Russell terrier Ember. He works as a Cad Technician by day and has degrees in Forestry and Anthropology with an emphasis in Archaeology. He is a volunteer fireman, and volunteers on other town committees. By night, he is an astrophotographer that enjoys landscape and wildlife photography as well.

He has always loved the out of doors and the beauty of nature. He has tinkered with photography his entire life, but the advent of digital photography and the evolution of photo editing software reignited his interest. This interest transformed into a passion to capture the wonders of the night sky, to take photographs that evoke emotion in the eye of the viewer. He is frequently up all hours of the night and spending any free days photographing in New Hampshire and Maine.

Picture of Chris Bennett<br> mission ambassador

Chris Bennett
mission ambassador

Chris is a country boy at heart, was born and raised in the woods of Maine, has a degree in Photographic Imaging Arts and Sciences with a concentration in Photojournalism from RIT, once worked on the Appalachian Trail and lived in a tent for six months as a backcountry ranger, enjoys cycling and disappears during the month of July for the Tour de France, loves music and thinks he knows how to play the guitar. 

He believes the key to happiness is directly correlated to the number of adventures one has. Chris is a full-time freelance photographer and his work has been seen in or used by Backpacker Magazine, Outside Magazine, National Geographic Traveler, Downeast, Maine Magazine, AAA Living, Freeskier Magazine, Delta Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines, LL Bean, Harper Publishing and The Appalachian Trail Conservancy.


Picture of Amy Meader<br> business relations

Amy Meader
business relations

When we think of Amy one simple but powerful word surfaces….”Love”.

It is such a big part of her being and what she tries to deliver on. While she will be the first to acknowledge that she like everyone else, has a self-serving side, that life tries to pull us toward it, and it is our responsibility to find the balancing point. To make sure that we keep love as a guiding principle in our choices allowing us to weight the scale in the positive direction. In that, we are certain Amy is winning the battle. 

So when we set out to build a non-profit to find ways to use images of the beauty that surrounds us, to serve some of the needs of many of the beautiful people and impactful causes around us, we knew we had to have Amy on board.  The challenge was that we knew Amy is…well….very busy.  With a family, two locations of her Rivalries restaurant to manage, as well as her own initiatives underway to make a difference in the lives of those in the communities she serves.  We knew it would be a long shot.  However, with no hesitancy she gave an enthusiastic yes to becoming an ambassador. 

As Amy, her husband Lance and their staff at Rivalries in Falmouth and Portland strive to delve deeper into the needs of others, and in service to others, she found the Shutterbugs 4 Charity a wonderful fit.  She and Lance have graciously agreed to have an ongoing wall exhibit of Shutterbugs 4 Charity artwork at her Rivalries Falmouth location with all proceeds going to charity. Just one way that Amy will be able to further fulfill her mission to ripple out hope, positivity, and love to those whose lives she has a chance to impact.  Rivalries is known in the community to be a pillar of good energy and in part it is because Amy and Lance believe that there needs to be a feeling of duality as you serve others. What she refers to is ’empathy’ which makes not only great people, great leaders, but also great companies. It’s the ability to not only feel the good as they experience guests enjoying a fantastic meal, but also to feel the hardships of those around them who may not be able to experience the good times at that moment in time. Amy shares, “Both need to co-exist and we need to honor that by serving in both ways.  That creates positive ripples that can grow and grow.” And as Amy shares, “Love always prevails.”

Don has a unique and uncanny ability to sing comfortably in the tenor range of Vince Gill, Chris Isaak or Dan Fogelberg, and go easily into the subbass vocal level range of country greats Josh Turner and Johnny Cash. Don Campbell’s music resides in the home of “American crossover” akin to the Eagles and John Cougar Mellencamp.

Don won a $50,000.00 Grand Prize at Nashville’s Grand Ol’ Opry with his original music, a Grand Prize custom Gibson Les Paul guitar from Jim Beam’s Back Room Band Search, and he’s a six-time winner of the title, “Maine’s Best Singer-Songwriter” from the Maine Sunday Tele- gram’s Annual Reader’s Poll. He has also received recognition for his Double CD Release, Kites To Fly – Celebrating The Music of Dan Fogelberg. Officially endorsed in April of 2014 by the Fogelberg Association of Peoria, he and bandmates tour the country performing “An Evening of Dan Fogelberg Music.

Don Campbell’s mandate is to “Always perform for the audience, never at them.” He pleases listeners, venue buyers and event organizers with well-attended and memorable concerts, and shows continued strength in music sales. Don is a highly-talented multi-instrumentalist and plays acoustic guitar, piano, B3 Organ, bass, electric guitar, nylon string guitar, mandolin and harmonica in recordings. These are all impressively delivered in his latest feature album, The Dust Never Settles, a fullbodied collection of songs about the magnetization of love. Don’s music feels like a friend, a natural extension of the singer-songwriter. Don Campbell performs nearly 200 shows per year and resides in Portland, Maine.

Katie Spotz, from Cleveland, Ohio, describes herself as having been the “benchwarmer” throughout her life. However, there came a time when she made a discovery: you don’t have to be extraordinary to achieve incredible things. And she set about achieving them, one by one.

The list of accomplishments to her name is long, and includes five ironman triathlons, running 100 miles nonstop, cycling across the USA twice, a 325-mile river swim, running across deserts and a solo row across the Atlantic Ocean. But this wasn’t just any row; when Katie arrived in Guyana, South America, after 70 days at sea, she set a world record for the youngest ever solo ocean rower, one of many records to her name. Katie finished her latest challenge in 2021, Run4Water, where she ran 11 ultra-marathons for 11 days consecutively, setting a new world record along the way.

Throughout her adventures, Katie isn’t just seeking to make history. She is also raising money for safe drinking water projects around the world. To date, clean water 95 projects across 15 countries have been funded resulting in access to clean water for more than 43,000 people.

Katie’s story has been featured on CBS Morning Show, CBS Evening News, World News with Diane Sawyer, Anderson Cooper 360, New York Times, NPR, PBS News Hour, and the Discovery Channel. In 2010, Katie was honored by Glamour Magazine as one of their “Women of the Year”, alongside people like Julia Roberts, Cher, and Queen Rania of Jordan. Katie was awarded the Elite Female Athlete of the Year for 2020 by the U.S. Coast Guard. Along the way, she can’t help but inspire others to realize that extraordinary achievements are within everyone’s grasp.

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