Our Board of Directors is responsible for establishing the mission, vision, and objective of Shutterbugs 4 Charity and ensuring the continuity of those goals.

Chris Lawrence has lived in Maine since 1970 and is an avid outdoor and landscape photographer. He is a hunter/gatherer of natural light and spirited adventurer, who has an affinity to colorful and energetic imagery of Maine.  Based in Scarborough Maine, Chris can be found shooting images hanging out the door of helicopters, riding the stormy seas in a boat, climbing Maine’s mountains, to chilling by the side of a silent winding river.

Photography…. For me, it is totally captivating.  Give me a camera and I will wander.
I become acutely aware of the natural environment around me.  Time becomes irrelevant and infinite;
I lose all concept of it in the vacuum of the lens.
Fascination; my world becomes one of light, colors, movement, angles, and textures.
That moment is totally self-absorbed, for me, and me alone.
The truth, that singular moment is fleeting, yet these universal moments are happening
right now in our lives and our world… everywhere. 

Sharing of my photography feels like giving a gift of conveyance to my observers;
the transporting of someone or something from one place to another; Via a singular event caught in time and space.

Beyond the adventure that photography provides me, it is the ability to bring a moment or a scene to others who may not otherwise get to experience it.  Paddling to an island in the middle of the night in the cold of the winter to shoot the Milky Way rising over a lighthouse.  To visually bring someone into the middle of Maine’s Allagash Waterway to enjoy a scene of a rainbow exploding in color after a rainstorm.  To hike into Maine’s 100 mile wilderness to catch the sunrise over the mountaintops with the beautiful lakes below or climb Mt. Washington at 3:00 in the morning in January at subfreezing temperatures to show others a sunrise like they will never otherwise get to experience.  In addition to sharing these special moments photography has more importantly grown to provide me an opportunity to join the wonderful group of people associated with this Shutterbugs 4 Charity organization and provide a vehicle for those around us to help support various worthy causes.  It’s a vehicle that allows all of us, you, me and others who are willing to join in, to team up and combine our energies and resources to provide just a bit of love and support in someone’s life at any given moment.  Photography has been a 40 year love affair and my work has only progressed by studying the work of those much more gifted than me through college courses, webinars, books and simply spending time in the field with those whose work I admire.  In the process I have absorbed what they have provided for lessons and tips and slowly improved my own work.  Similarly my drive to give back has been spurred on by those with much bigger hearts than me.  People who have hearts of gold and inspire me with their lives and actions reminding me that life is more about giving than receiving. These people are the heroes around us who I count on for inspiration and motivation to be more consistent and focused on helping others.  My hope is that our Shutterbugs organization will go on to accomplish truly impactful work and provide much need support to those around us.

Colin Chase (Appleton Images) is a Maine based photographer who has a deep love for everything outdoors. Specializing in sports, wildlife, abstracts and landscapes, especially if it involves extreme weather. Colin with his strong admiration of nature, continually strives to capture the finest scenes possible.

Colin began shooting with a Kodak 126 instamatic camera at the age of twelve. Having grown up on both sides of the United States he had the opportunity at a young age to learn photography in the Pacific Northwest. Although he is self-taught in the craft he has worked alongside many professional photographers for the last 34 years commercially and in the studio. He transitioned to digital photography in 2005 after many years shooting slides and film, and now shoots exclusively digital. He has been published in travel guides, magazines, and websites.

When Colin is not behind the lens he can be found enjoying life with his wife and three children.

My love for photography began as a child, watching and learning from my father who loved to document history and our family with his camera. When I left for college my Dad handed me over his old Minolta…and so began a life-long love for the art of photography.

With over 25 years of experience as a social worker, I have learned how to help people through dark times in their lives and encourage them to bring out the inner strength and beauty that each individual possesses. These life lessons have carried over into my vision as a photographer. Not only does photography challenge myself as an individual, but it gives me the opportunity to show others the beauty of nature through my eyes. I love the challenge to capture, with dramatic light and interesting compositions, the infinite and diverse beauty that nature offers. I am at peace when in the outdoors with my camera in hand. The constant search for those rare magical moments, when the perfect light embraces a scene, keeps my love for this art rich and exciting.
I have been a contributing photographer for Down East Magazine since 2014. I also exhibit my work at various art shows in the Summer and at the Gallery 302 in Bridgton, Maine year round.

Tyler is a landscape and fine art photographer living on the coast of Maine. He picked up his first Canon DSLR in 2012 as a senior in college. Growing up his grandfather was always carrying around a polaroid camera taking candids at family gatherings and before his godmother died, she was an unbelievable landscape photographer. He believes he got his eye and love for photography from these two.

When he’s not out chasing adventure and Maine lighthouses you can find him working as a certified athletic trainer and orthopedic technologist in orthopedic and sports surgery in Portland, ME.



I have been a social worker for 28 years, most of which I have worked with children and their families in a behavioral health/child welfare setting. In recent years, I have broadened my scope and worked with mother’s of unborn children- elderly in a medical setting. I have found my career in social work to be very grounding. It helps me to keep what is important in life in focus, to be compassionate to others, and to remember to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Through my role as a social worker I am able to offer assistance to help others improve their quality of life and circumstances and that is a true gift that I am fortunate to be a part of.

We all have an opportunity to better moments, days, weeks for others if only we just stay present in the moment, remove judgment and replace it with compassion, and simply practice random acts of kindness every day. There is nothing more energizing then to give of yourself for someone else. You will be helping others and filling your own cup up at the same time. You will also represent a beacon of light as you serve as a role model for others around you.

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