The Shutterbugs team has been humbled and overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and generous donations and purchases thus far. We have high hopes for 2021 and all that we will be able to accomplish in the community, none of which would be possible without all of your help.

Since inception in 1999, we have raised over $78,000 for charity and have supported such cause as:

  • Royal Family Kids Camp: Serving children with a history of abuse, neglect, and abandonment.
  • The Center for Grieving Children
  • FairTide Homeless Services
  • Camp Capella: Serving children with disabilities
  • My Place Teen Center
  • National Association for Suicide Prevention Program
  • Good Shepard Food Bank
  • Covid relief through My Teen Center and Rivalries meal programs offered to those in need in the community, as well as, our first responders.
  • Saco River Wildlife Rescue

This past year, our Shutterbugs team has grown from 7 to 25 people all passionate about giving back and partnering with us on our Calendar/Note Card fundraiser as well as individual fundraising efforts including:

  • Chris Bennett’s trek for the National Center for Suicide Prevention
  • Lauren Chaffe’s lighthouse tour to raising awareness and donations for Camp CaPella, a camp for children with disabilities (view her journey on Instagram @laurslighthouses).
 Our Shutterbugs team will continue to be active in nonprofit fundraising efforts by participating in charitable events and/or donating photography to support fundraising efforts.

Next, we have been hard at work on our website. We hope to keep you updated on what we are doing and the organizations and causes that we have supported. Please feel free to check back from time to time for updates.

We are also accepting nominations for nonprofits so please feel free to email us at if you have someone you would like us to consider. 

Also, we have been working on establishing a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram so please give us a follow!

Lastly, we are part of the Amazon Smiles program and we are listed as a nonprofit you can select to receive a percentage of your purchases as part of Amazon’s program to give back to the community. This is an easy way to make a significant impact by simply signing up and telling Amazon who you want them to send the donation to. They do the rest, but you must remember to order under your “Amazon Smiles” account and not your existing Amazon account as they do not transfer the purchases automatically to this program.

Thanks again for all of your support. We hope to make you all proud to be involved in our organization!

The Shutterbugs Team

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