Mark Jones

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Mark Jones

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Beyond the adventure that photography provides me, it is the ability to bring a moment or a scene to others who may not otherwise get to experience it.  Paddling to an island in the middle of the night in the cold of the winter to shoot the Milky Way rising over a lighthouse.  To visually bring someone into the middle of Maine’s Allagash Waterway to enjoy a scene of a rainbow exploding in color after a rainstorm.  To hike into Maine’s 100 mile wilderness to catch the sunrise over the mountaintops with the beautiful lakes below or climb Mt. Washington at 3:00 in the morning in January at subfreezing temperatures to show others a sunrise like they will never otherwise get to experience.  In addition to sharing these special moments photography has more importantly grown to provide me an opportunity to join the wonderful group of people associated with this Shutterbugs 4 Charity organization and provide a vehicle for those around us to help support various worthy causes.  It’s a vehicle that allows all of us, you, me and others who are willing to join in, to team up and combine our energies and resources to provide just a bit of love and support in someone’s life at any given moment.  Photography has been a 40 year love affair and my work has  only progressed by studying the work of those much more gifted than me through college courses, webinars, books and simply spending time in the field with those whose work I admire.  In the process I have absorbed what they have provided for lessons and tips and slowly improved my own work.  Similarly my drive to give back has been spurred on by those with much bigger hearts than me.  People who have hearts of gold and inspire me with their lives and actions reminding me that life is more about giving than receiving. These people are the heroes around us who I count on for inspiration and motivation to be more consistent and focused on helping others.  My hope is that our Shutterbugs organization will go on to accomplish truly impactful work and provide much need support to those around us.

Mark H. Jones


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My Work

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