Darylann Leonard

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Darylann Leonard

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My love for photography began as a child, watching and learning from my father who loved to document history and our family with his camera. When I left for college my Dad handed me over his old Minolta…and so began a life-long love for the art of photography.
With over 25 years of experience as a social worker, I have learned how to help people through dark times in their lives and encourage them to bring out the inner strength and beauty that each individual possesses. These life lessons have carried over into my vision as a photographer. Not only does photography challenge myself as an individual, but it gives me the opportunity to show others the beauty of nature through my eyes. I love the challenge to capture, with dramatic light and interesting compositions, the infinite and diverse beauty that nature offers. I am at peace when in the outdoors with my camera in hand. The constant search for those rare magical moments, when the perfect light embraces a scene, keeps my love for this art rich and exciting.
I have been a contributing photographer for Down East Magazine since 2014. I also exhibit my work at various art shows in the Summer and at the Gallery 302 in Bridgton, Maine year round.

Darylann Leonard




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My Work

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