Chris Bennett

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Chris Bennett

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Chris is a country boy at heart, was born and raised in the woods of Maine, has a degree in Photographic Imaging Arts and Sciences with a concentration in Photojournalism from RIT, once worked on the Appalachian Trail and lived in a tent for six months as a backcountry ranger, enjoys cycling and disappears during the month of July for the Tour de France, loves music and thinks he knows how to play the guitar. He believes the key to happiness is directly correlated to the number of adventures one has. Chris is a full-time freelance photographer and his work has been seen in or used by Backpacker Magazine, Outside Magazine, National Geographic Traveler, Downeast, Maine Magazine, AAA Living, Freeskier Magazine, Delta Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines, LL Bean, Harper Publishing and The Appalachian Trail Conservancy.


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