Bob Doucette

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Bob Doucette

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I currently live n Westbrook with my wife of 49 years, Peggy. We have 3
children and 5 grandchildren. We spend a lot of time in the car
searching for scenic locations, me with my camera and her with a
sketchpad preparing for her next water color painting. I became
interested in photography with the advent of the digital camera. I’ve
taken a few classes but am mostly self-taught. We spent may years doing
art shows in Maine and New Hampshire, but in my retirement I’ve cut way
back. This gives me time to share my passion for photography with my 19 year old grandson.  I had an image accepted into the Maine Photography Show, and  into the Portland 2020 Exhibition at Cove Street Arts in Portland. I’m looking forward to watching the growth of Shutterbugs4charity.


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