Betty Wiley

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Betty Wiley

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Betty Wiley is freelance photographer based on Cape Cod. She conducts photography workshops on Cape Cod and elsewhere in New England and is well known speaker, instructor and workshop leader. She teaches Lightroom and Photoshop and creative processing techniques for the Cape Cod Art Association, Alison Caron Design Studio in Hyannis and for camera clubs and other organizations throughout New England. In addition, she is a frequent contributor to various magazines and publications including Chatham Living Magazine, Cape Cod Guide, Chatham Guidebook and others and many of her images have appeared on the cover of those magazines. She believes that good light and composition are keys to a successful image and she is often out before sunrise and at sunset to capture the beautiful light that Cape Cod is known for. She is the author of a popular ebook entitled Capturing the Light: A Photographer’s Guide to Cape Cod. You can visit her website at


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