Barb Jones

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Barbie Jones

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I have been a social worker for 28 years, most of which I have worked with children and their families in a behavioral health/child welfare setting. In recent years, I have broadened my scope and worked with mother’s of unborn children- elderly in a medical setting. I have found my career in social work to be very grounding. It helps me to keep what is important in life in focus, to be compassionate to others, and to remember to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Through my role as a social worker I am able to offer assistance to help others improve their quality of life and circumstances and that is a true gift that I am fortunate to be a part of.

We all have an opportunity to better moments, days, weeks for others if only we just stay present in the moment, remove judgment and replace it with compassion, and simply practice random acts of kindness every day. There is nothing more energizing then to give of yourself for someone else. You will be helping others and filling your own cup up at the same time. You will also represent a beacon of light as you serve as a role model for others around you.


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