Amy Meader

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When we think of Amy one simple but powerful word surfaces….”Love”.

It is such a big part of her being and what she tries to deliver on. While she will be the first to acknowledge that she like everyone else, has a self-serving side, that life tries to pull us toward it, and it is our responsibility to find the balancing point. To make sure that we keep love as a guiding principle in our choices allowing us to weight the scale in the positive direction. In that, we are certain Amy is winning the battle. 

So when we set out to build a non-profit to find ways to use images of the beauty that surrounds us, to serve some of the needs of many of the beautiful people and impactful causes around us, we knew we had to have Amy on board.  The challenge was that we knew Amy is…well….very busy.  With a family, two locations of her Rivalries restaurant to manage, as well as her own initiatives underway to make a difference in the lives of those in the communities she serves.  We knew it would be a long shot.  However, with no hesitancy she gave an enthusiastic yes to becoming an ambassador. 

As Amy, her husband Lance and their staff at Rivalries in Falmouth and Portland strive to delve deeper into the needs of others, and in service to others, she found the Shutterbugs 4 Charity a wonderful fit.  She and Lance have graciously agreed to have an ongoing wall exhibit of Shutterbugs 4 Charity artwork at her Rivalries Falmouth location with all proceeds going to charity.  Just one way that Amy will be able to further fulfill her mission to ripple out hope, positivity, and love to those whose lives she has a chance to impact.  Rivalries is known in the community to be a pillar of good energy and in part it is because Amy and Lance believe that there needs to be a feeling of duality as you serve others.  What she refers to is ’empathy’ which makes not only great people, great leaders, but also great companies.  It’s the ability to not only feel the good as they experience guests enjoying a fantastic meal, but also to feel the hardships of those around them who may not be able to experience the good times at that moment in time.  Amy shares, “Both need to co-exist and we need to honor that by serving in both ways.  That creates positive ripples that can grow and grow.” And as Amy shares, “Love always prevails.”



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