Susan Garver

Susan Garver is a landscape and nature photographer who lives on the coast of Maine near Acadia National Park with her husband and their three rescue kitties.

For as long as Susan can remember she has been behind the lens. She received her first film camera at the age of 8 and has treasured each and every photo she has taken over the past 50 plus years. A self taught photographer, Susanʼs first photos were of family, friends and her life experiences but it really wasnʼt until a few years ago that she became very interested in landscape photography.

An avid nature enthusiast, Susan is now able to combine her love for the outdoors with her passion for photography. She finds her inspiration in the mountains, lakes forest and ocean where she spends time searching for the perfect light to create the best image. Susan has a unique vision that captures the beauty and serenity of the park and the local towns and villages that she loves so much. Her goal as a photographer is to create images that speak to the heart and soul of the viewer.


My Work