Board of Ambassadors

The board of ambassadors will need to be made up of people filled with enthusiasm for what we are accomplishing, be well connected and be very knowledgeable of our mission, vision and goals. They will be very important in:
1. Assisting in creating momentum, energy and enthusiasm for our mission.
2. Expanding our reach
3. Promoting our brand
4. Supporting our initiatives
5. Providing a valuable source of feedback from outside the board
6. Providing photos to the our database/gallery
7. Offering a small amount of time in delivering on organization initiatives
8. Monitor and share feedback from others
9. Offer ideas and suggestions for the board to consider in advancing our efforts

Kristen Wilkinson

Susan Garver

Sandy Miner

Ben Tero

Paul Cyr

A. Garrett Evans

John Putman

David Long

Charles Cormier

Benjamin Williamson